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Improve Lives | Inspire Futures

Nearly 20,000 Meals Served Each Year


85% to Home Bound Seniors


Congregate Luncheon

3 Days a Week​ - M | T | Th

Every Wednesday Afternoon

in Our Activity Center in Catalina


Experienced, Certified Caregivers

Our Volunteers Can Give You a Lift 

to a Doctor's Appointment 

A Chartered Bus Brings Disabled and Non-driving Seniors to our Congregate Group Luncheons


Seniors over the age of 60

Low income and home-bound seniors

Seniors with an inability to cook due to health

Seniors living alone, recovering from surgery

Families needing Respite Day Care

Non-driving Seniors

Each year IMPACT serves more than 18,000 meals to low to moderate income seniors who live in situations where they have little opportunity for socialization, or are unable to cook for themselves.


We provide a dining room experience in Catalina three days a week which is attended by a group of area residents and often includes some kind of activity before the meal. We partner with Marana MHC Healthcare to charter a disability bus to transport those who are unable to drive to our luncheon, to be sure the most vulnerable have the opportunity as well. 


More than 85% of our meals are delivered to home bound seniors in our area. This is the greatest need for senior meals: helping low income and disabled seniors in our community stay independent, in their own homes, as long as safely possible. 

The greatest expense of this program comes from the groceries. Your donations fund the fresh produce, meats and pantry items we purchase for our seniors. Thank you!

If you are interested in enrolling in our meal service, or are a case worker with another agency and have a client who would benefit from this program, please contact us below to set up an appointment with our Program Director to learn more about schedules and qualification.

You may use the Contact Us

link at the bottom of this page.

Cooking is done by a corps of dedicated volunteers led by our Senior Meals Coordinator, following guidelines that address specific nutritional needs of older adults. Our clients rave about the food and the delivery service, thanks to all who have such a passion for this program! Volunteers also work in the dining room as hosts, to help serve the hot meals and to facilitate a variety of activities. Maybe you would be interested in joining our team! 




Respite Day Care

Each Wednesday, IMPACT offers Adult Respite Day Care in Catalina for $25, and this service is available to the general community. Imagine being able to spend time at a friendly, comfortable center for 4 hours!


At our center, guests are grouped with others of similar abilities and needs; and experienced, professional, certified caregivers provide a variety of social, physical, and cognitive activities to make the afternoon enjoyable for all.


Hours are 11:30-3:30 and the cost is just $25 for any or the whole part of the afternoon. Caregivers are an important asset to our community, and need support so they can be rested and able to care for others, after taking care of themselves. This program offers stimulation for the person needing care, but also allows the caregiver a bit of time for self-care, and to get important errands accomplished. 

We are excited to partner with By Your Side Senior Care to provide the utmost professional care. It is the only program for which IMPACT charges a fee, and we have made it as affordable as possible at only $25 dollars per day.



One of the exciting things we are offering at IMPACT, in conjunction with our Respite Day Care program is a career training opportunity for people in our community.


Thanks to our donors and other community partners IMPACT offers scholarships to qualified individuals to attend the Academy of Caregiving Excellence, which is owned and operated by the same people who own By Your Side Senior Care.


Individuals can obtain a certification in caregiving in a relatively short period of time, and have a sustainable career in this growing industry, either working for a care provider service, or becoming entrepreneurs themselves, finding people needing help in their own local neighborhoods. This helps low income households find a second income, with flexible hours, close to home. Interested parties should Contact Us to learn more.  

This is another way IMPACT helps people move out of Poverty and into Self-Sufficiency



IMPACT Volunteers are happy to help area seniors get to medical appointments, free of charge.


As we age, driving can become more challenging, and many seniors find themselves having to rely on others for transportation. IMPACT is here to help our seniors stay as healthy as possible with access to free transportation to medical appointments. 

Clients call two weeks in advance with information such as time and address for the appointment, and our coordinators do their best to connect with volunteers to find someone available to do the driving. Most appointments qualify based on location distance, and frequency. Please feel free to Contact Us with specific questions.


All our transportation and meal delivery volunteers go through a thorough background check to ensure the safety of clients. 

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