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Staff Members

IMPACT of Southern Arizona employs less than a dozen professional staff, some of whom work part time, but all of whom rely upon the many volunteers who support all we do! Each week more than 160 shifts are covered by trained, dedicated volunteers! It is a team of many different personalities, cultures, backgrounds, strengths, and experiences; but, the one thing they all have in common is that they are dedicated, compassionate people who truly have a passion for the work to be done, and they go home each day knowing they have made a difference in someone's life! 

Barbara McClure, Executive Director
Michele Santorelli, Program Director
Nasim Madhvani, Bookkeeper
Diana Charbonneau, Development Coordinator
Maria Reyes-Perez, Clothing Bank & Community Education Coordinator
Cody Wilkinson, Food Bank Coordinator
Perla Raygoza, Senior Meals Coordinator
Miranda Hinojosa, Volunteer Coordinator
Angel Nieto Armenta, Front Office Coordinator
Equally as important: An amazing Volunteer Corps!
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