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Partner With Us!

Partnerships are the key to our success in providing a broad range of services.

We work to bring community together for the greatest IMPACT possible, and cannot do it without your help.

There Are Many Opportunities

Markets and Restaurants

If you find you are throwing away food, donate it to IMPACT instead! We have volunteers who will come pick it up regularly. You'll get a tax write off, and you will be helping your community be less hungry and eating healthier!

Click HERE to learn how business and organizations are ensuring our community does not go hungry!

Anyone can organize a Food Drive! It's easy! Reach out to your neighbors, church group, social club, or others in your area. Make your own flyers, or Contact Us and we can email you pre-designed templates. Use them 'as-is' or customize to advertise your food drive. We distribute thousands of pounds of fresh and non-perishable food each month, and every can helps!

Pick Up Items in Your Own Vehicle

We have a large number of corporate food pick-ups that happen every day of the week. Stop in at a market or bakery once a week, or twice a month to pick up a bakery or market donation. Sign up to be one of our back-up drivers. Perhaps you belong to a club or organization who would like to commit to one a day a week, and different people within your group will take different days. A local Jeep Club does this for us with meal deliveries, on our rougher rural roads.

Drive our Box Truck

We need to use our 16' Isuzu box truck on occasion for large weekday pick-ups, such as trips to the Community Food Bank. Each Saturday morning a volunteer meets our Oro Valley Rotarian members at Trader Joe's. If you have experience driving a commercial truck, bus or motorhome, you will find this to be similar. No CDL required. Training  provided. Consider driving for us once a month!

Silent Auction Items

We auction wine and gifts at many of our events, and raffle fun prizes throughout the year: at our Women of IMPACT Luncheon, our Dine for a Cause events, and through our website. Donate an item or gift card that we can turn into cash to fund programs! We will provide you with a tax deduction receipt and be sure to let our community know where these items came from. More people will learn more about your business, and appreciate that you too support IMPACT and families in need. It's a win-win for everyone in our community!

Event Sponsorships

When you sponsor an event, you help us leverage our dollars by underwriting event costs and boosting the bottom line. This allows us to hold a larger event, introducing more people to IMPACT and raising more money to fund programs! Some sponsors offer in-kind event services as well.

Group Help

Is your business or club looking for an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and help with a project?

There are a variety of ways groups can help out: sorting and dating canned food after a large drive, working as event staff for our fundraisers or community drives, repackaging bulk foods in our commercial kitchen, and prepackaging items such as event gift bags, client holiday gift bags, and back to school backpacks. Feel free to contact us to let s know you are interested, and our Program Director or Volunteer Coordinator will get back with you to discuss opportunities for your members.

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Present a Workshop

Agencies, organizations, businesses, retired specialists... You all have great resources to share with our community. Share your talent and knowledge to help people improve their lives and to inspire their futures. We provide the location, AV, advertising, and other incidentals. Our Community Education Coordinator would love to hear about opportunities, and your ideas.

Children's Clothing Drive

We never have enough children's clothes. Host a gently used (or new) children's clothing drive in your business, or neighborhood. We can use all sizes and styles, because we have hundreds of children who check out clothes each year.

Host a Children's Book Drive

Literacy is one of the most important life skills. It is critical in helping break the cycle of poverty. Our children can take a book home every month, so we are always happy to take in gently used books, stories to spur their imaginations and introduce them to new words and concepts. Imagine hundreds of children each receiving a dozen new books every year! You can help with this! 

Adopt a Child at the Holidays

Each year we match low income families with donors in our community to ensure children can have a few items to open for the holiday season, allowing families to stretch their budgets and bring smiles to young faces. Contact us in October (or in advance) if you are interested in adopting a child or two. Clubs often help out by shopping together for several children during this event.

Senior Luncheon Activity

Qualified, low income seniors eat a hot mid-day meal in our dining room three days a week, and we often provide some sort of entertainment, or activity before the meal. Perhaps you have an activity that a small group of people might enjoy doing at the lunch hour. Sometimes we play a group game, watch a short video, try a brain teaser, listen to music or a story teller. Please feel free to share an idea or suggestion.

Supply Materials - In Kind Gifts

If you have a product or materials that you think we may be able to use in our program operations, or something we might distribute to clients feel free to contact us to see if we can use it. Examples would be, knitted hats and scarves, quilted lap blankets, office supplies, school supplies, boxes of garbage bags, commercial kitchen utensils, new paper grocery sacks, etc...We accept many different items, and provide you with a receipt so feel free to Contact Us with questions and ideas.

Be a Resource

Connect with us if you are another organization in southern Arizona who can offer a service to our low to moderate income families and individuals. Someone form our program department will contact you to learn more and add you to our referral list.

Have An Idea?

Please feel free to contact us through the button at the top of the page to share other ideas you might have about ways your group might partner with us in programs, or funding. We're always open to fresh ideas!

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