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Fresh and Nonperishable

Improve Lives | Inspire Futures

USDA Food Boxes
IMPACT Bag of Pantry Items
Bread & Bakery Items
Shopping Shelf Extras
Fresh Produce & Dairy Items
Frozen Packages of Meat
Toiletries & Household Items
Special Seasonal Bonus Events


How It Operates

  • Families and individuals income qualify and enroll.

  • One large distribution of groceries and toiletries is given out each month.

  • People can get food anytime during each month.

  • Extra bread and recently expired items are available daily to ensure homeless individuals and others have daily access to additional food.

  • Baby food and formula is always available.

  • Struggling families needing more food assistance meet with a case worker for additional support and we make sure they have access to other food programs, if they qualify, such as SNAP and WIC.

  • Most importantly, we see what we can do to help stressed households move to self-sufficiency through short term emergency aid, employment opportunities, job skills training, and workshops. 


Greet our clients and distribute groceries at the customer service counter

Work in the warehouse accepting donations: weighing, sorting, and inspecting food

Pick up donated food each morning from our corporate grocery partners 

Wrap bread and repackage bulk food

Help out at special event food drives


Markets, grocery stores, and bakeries that donate surplus food weekly

Clubs and businesses that sponsor our IMPACT Bags

 Businesses, organizations, clubs, and HOAs that hold community food drives for us

Agencies who fund a share of our Food Bank expenses

Community members who donate food individually, and with their friends and neighbors

Groups who come in to sort and date non-perishable food after special events

Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, United Food Bank, USDA and DES provide government food access

We're doing something different this year to cut down on food storage costs and challenges.

Each month several pantry items are given to every household as a bonus to ensure they have extra food on hand when things are tight. These staples are recommended by the USDA. Peanut butter, cereal, and canned meat ensure children and older adults can eat easily, if and when they cannot cook for themselves. Other items such as rice and pasta create a filling meal when added to just a few more ingredients.


Our volunteers pack more than 700 bags per month to meet our current demand!  That's nearly 5000 pounds of food, just in the IMPACT Bag alone! We give out an additional 2500 pounds of pantry goods each month AND thousands of pounds of fresh produce, dairy, and meat!

We are looking for social clubs and businesses

to partner with us by selecting one item

to sponsor for just one month this year.


Please consider learning more,

and join us in our mission to

battle hunger, and

improve lives and inspire futures!

Become an IMPACT Bag Sponsor This Year!


Click the tab below for more

information and to sign up.

The Town of Oro Valley kicked off our IMPACT Bag Sponsorship program by donating more than 500 cans of TUNA  for July's distribution!                                  Thank you to all who participated!


Thank you to

this month's 





More Than Food

We share nutritional information in our Food Bank lobby, along with monthly recipes of meals that can be made with the items distributed, children's activity sheets, and other tips for stretching food budgets and maintaining good health.​ We've added links to some of our resources on the right, so you can see samples and learn tips to improving your own health and stretching your family budget as well.

Here you will find a page with links to a variety of USDA sites about food requirements for people of all stages of life, recipes, tips to feeding and raising children and teens, dealing with picky eaters, serving balanced well rounded meals, and tips for shopping smart for budgets and good health.

Above are printable samples of the types of games and flyers we share with clients in the Food Bank.

Above, your child can play fun online video style games with topics related to food and farming. 

Check out new healthy

and tasty recipes above.

Learn interesting info about Nutrition Labels

Click Here to go to the website
to get coupons, or download the app!
Get this great
budget stretching
tool right now!
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