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2021 Annual Women of IMPACT Virtual Luncheon!

Throughout 2020, the rising theme that grew with clarity, as we all moved through March, late spring, and most of summer, came to us through responses from clients as they showed up at IMPACT’s doors; stunned, and having no idea where to turn. WE GIVE HOPE. We heard it over and over again, as people recovered from teary conversations, with deep, emotional catharsis. Those of you who know us well, know we always work to bring community together, in collaboration to be able to have the greatest collective IMPACT possible on those who need support. It was not us alone.

TOGETHER WE GIVE HOPE. Sometimes, you don’t even realize that the smallest of things, and actions you take for granted, are far more significant to others. This year’s Women of IMPACT Luncheon will be celebrating that theme: I GIVE HOPE, and the IMPACT we all have on each other.

Our 2021 Women of IMPACT Virtual Luncheon will be from 12-1pm on YouTube Live and will feature a key group of women from our 2020-21 campaign, with stories that give you a glimpse into the incredible work that has been happening in our community during the pandemic, a panel of IMPACT clients sharing first-hand accounts of the HOPE we have been able to bring them, plenty of give-a-ways for attendees, just for logging on and a delicious delivered lunch! NOTE: All raffle tickets purchased for the 2020 Women of IMPACT Luncheon were entered in multiple prize drawings during our weekend long Virtual Silent Auction event held in June. Congratulations all to those winners!

Believe it or not - our virtual event will still be a physical luncheon! You are welcome to either bring your own lunch or have us deliver a delicious meal from StayNaked Kitchen, our local partner who also creates our senior meals. The senior clients will also be enjoying their lunch during the virtual event. When one has the opportunity to share a meal, it emotionally draws them together.

All Proceeds from our Women of IMPACT virtual event will benefit our critical programs designed to nourish thousands of people, help stretch household budgets, provide education, assist in job resourcing, and ultimately empower individuals in their pursuit of an improved quality of life. Your participation gives HOPE!

Learn more about all the amazing things IMPACT does in the community, as well as help us with spreading the word about our 2021 Women of IMPACT Virtual Luncheon! Befriend us on Facebook for event updates and to see our weekly Women of IMPACT posts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please click here to contact our event coordinator.


2021 Sponsors

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There are thousands of unsung heroes in our community that truly deserve some recognition! Every Wednesday on the IMPACT Facebook page we introduce women who are making their IMPACT in Southern Arizona!

Surely you know a inspiring woman you would like nominate and can do so here!

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