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By donating your Tax Credit gift to IMPACT, you will GIVE HOPE to hundreds of people in our community...TODAY!

You'll even get it back!

The state of Arizona provides an incredible incentive for tax payers who donate to qualifying charities like IMPACT of Southern Arizona. Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can donate up to *$400 per Arizona resident and get it right back on your Arizona tax return.


You are also welcome to call us at 520-825-0009 to make your donation over the phone or by mailing a check to:

IMPACT of Southern Arizona

3535 E. Hawser St., Tucson, AZ 85739

The Arizona legislature offers incentives for charitable giving each year. These credits are for individuals only, and the dollar limits differ depending on filing status. Your payments will make a positive IMPACT on people within the community, while at the same time reduce your state income tax liability dollar for dollar. 
Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO) - Form 321
A maximum credit of $800 for married filing jointly and $400 for all other individual filers is available for cash contributions to a qualifying charitable organization (QCO). Taxpayers do not have to itemize deductions to claim a credit for contributions to charities that provide assistance to these low-income residents of AZ. 

IMPACT of Southern Arizona will provide you with a receipt showing our organization name, your name, the gift amount and date paid, as well a description of the activity being supported. Receipts should be retained for your records and provided to us so the credits can be accounted for on your Arizona tax return. It is also suggested that you communicate with your tax preparer any questions you may have.




Can I take this credit in addition to other credits such as credit for donations to schools and foster care agencies?
Yes. Each tax credit is separate, so you can take the Charitable Tax Credit in addition to tax credits for schools and foster care agencies. Download/Print 
Form 301 on the Arizona Department of Revenue's website for other credits you may be able to take. 


*Do I have to donate $400 or $800 at once?
You do not have to donate the whole amount at once. Donations given throughout the year that add up to the $400 and $800 limits qualify for the tax credit. You can even set up a monthly gift option to spread the gifts out over the whole year!


Do I need a special form from IMPACT of Southern Arizona to take the Tax Credit?
You simply need a receipt from IMPACT of Southern Arizona, which every donor receives in the mail after making a monetary gift. The form you need to take the tax credit is
Arizona Form 321, which is available on the Arizona Department of Revenue's website and is included with many of the available self-filing tax programs like Turbo Tax.

Can I take the Tax Credit by donating food, clothing or other tangible items?
No. The Tax Credit only applies to voluntary cash donations.


What is IMPACT of Southern Arizona's QCO code?
Our Arizona QCO code is 20519.

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